Letter from the President

Are You Lucky?

Have you ever known some people who just seem to always“ luck out?” Lady Luck seems to just smile down on them a little brighter than on others. How does this happen?

Well, I’ve been pondering this question for a while now, and I don’t think it has anything to do with being Irish...although some of my best friends are Irish! Interestingly enough, research shows there are a few common denominators within this “group of lucky ducks.”

One condition shared was the sociability factor. “Lucky” people tend to hang out with others...even via Zoom in a pandemic. A second feature was service work, meaning they helped others. This often caused the “fortunate person” to feel grateful (or lucky) for his/her life. A third factor involved using imagination to visualize stepping stones to a goal. Working hard has been documented to aid “luck.” Often the overnight successes of our society have been working hard for ten years-ha! Finally, another method for finding luck was to “try!” *

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and lots of talk will focus on luck . I am suggesting you all to be on the lookout for random luck coming your way. I encourage you to take part in the “Shadows” virtual show beginning May 1st. Remember, if you don’t try you can’t win and someone has to take first place! It might as well be YOU!

Create, create, create!


Barbara Egr

*from the article Opportunity, 10 Proven Ways to MakeYour Own Luck – The less you leave to chance the luckier you’re likely to be. 12.14.16