Letter from the President

Last Wednesday, our club held its first Zoom meeting because Omaha Public Schools canceled in-person school. Our club follows OPS’s weather guidelines and since they were meeting remotely, we did too!

I am always looking for silver linings. In this case 29 people joined us to listen to Sarah McWilliams’ inspirational and motivation lecture. If the club would have met in-person, only fifteen members had reserved a spot for the luncheon. In other words, almost twice as many club members were able to hear our club news at the general meeting and listen to Sarah’s talk!

Ms. McWilliams suggested a memory exercise in which we were asked to search back ten years ago to a memory we loved. It could be a fun experience, spending time with a loved one, or something else. Her example was attending an Easter egg hunt with a beloved child. She suggested we think of the sky color, the flowers that were blooming that day, and the animals we noticed in the yard/park. Then...she suggested a painting about that experience: paint butterflies, the child’s movements, the daffodils blooming, etc.

It is my hope that you try this exercise and allow yourself to paint some happiness this next month.

With love,
Barbara Egr

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

-Thomas Merton