President's Message for June

Katie Johnson

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible” – Picasso 

During these months of solitude, we have adjusted our normal to what some call the new normal. I saw these words in a magazine ad, “isolation is more than being alone”! While alone, we have filled our time with working on often overlooked projects, dusting, cleaning, decluttering, organizing, cooking, baking, planting and weeding… Have you felt the clock ticking as you flip the pages of your calendars and wondered why you even spent the money on a 2020 Planner? Because of the COVID19, we have been forced to have a “Staycation” where we spend zero dollars on transportation, leave our luggage in storage and have no need to even get dressed. We stay up late with no schedule while making our own entertainment of reading, talking on the phone, dancing because no one is watching, listening to music, watching movies, creating art… 

We will survive this ‘time of our lives” and make the best of it. 

While returning to the ‘new normal’, we must take time not only to show kindness to others but, also to be good to ourselves. Did you know exercising for just 10 minutes can release endorphins, pain-killing chemicals that help induce a state of mental and physical peace? What else can you do for you? File your nails, pluck those chin hairs, meditation/devotions, gardening, enjoy a book or work on art. We must remember to be grateful as we have much to be thankful many blessings. By thinking positive, we gain happiness. We can further gain happiness and positivity by not listening to negativity which includes not allowing even self-criticism! Be good to you! 

Our lives have been interrupted in part because of the pandemic and now because of the protests and unrest. Through all of this, we continue to learn how to cope. How do we get back on track? We must return to routines especially bedtime, sleep patterns and setting our alarm clocks. Before the hiatus, what was your schedule? How did you accomplish your daily tasks? How often have we been told not to live in the past? Preparing for tomorrow can be helped by remembering how we navigated our daily routine and how much time each task required. I have realized it takes me much longer now to get ready to go someplace and how long it takes to dry my hair, paint my face, find what to wear and yet remembering how to even drive! We are out of practice and finding it easy to run late… giving new meaning to the one word, ISOLATE. Now, one must apologize for being late by saying three words: I so late! 

Do you remember this song sung by Bette Midler in 1990? 

Some lyrics: From a Distance there is harmony. And it echoes through the land. And it's the hope of hopes. It’s the love of loves, It's the heart of every man. God is watching us. 
God is watching us from a distance… 

This song was written by Julie Gold. She received a special 30th birthday gift from her parents. It was the piano she had played as a child. The piano movers told her not to play it for 24 hours. Gold wanted to play it very badly but instead, hugged and polished it! The next day, she sat down at that piano and wrote the song in about 2 hours. Julie Gold said, "I only set out to write a decent song about the difference between the way things seem and the way things are." 

We are longing for the good ole days – no longer living in fear, from a distance, wearing masks, and with curfews. We may not have the answers but, we can hope for a better tomorrow, pray for those in need financially, physically and emotionally…showing kindness and understanding. We can do what we Omaha Artists Inc know how to do best – Be A Friend. 

Hugs from a distance…Katie Johnson, President 

If we look for hate, we’ll find it. If we look for love, we’ll be overwhelmed. – Goodnews Instagram