As all of you already know, the Conference for 2020 has been cancelled. ANAC will hold the next Confer-ence, still in Fremont, June 9-12, 2021. Should you have any questions, please contact one of the ANAC chairpersons.

We were honored to be featured in the ANAC Spring 2020 Newsletter – see below Association of Nebraska Art Clubs Spotlight Article. Photo was included.

Club Spotlight - Omaha Artists Inc (ANAC Spring 2020 Newsletter)

Omaha Artists Inc was organized in February, 1946 with 30 members. Our membership of 150+ is com-posed of artists ranging from professionals to hobbyists. In October, 2021 we are hosting an evening of celebration in honor of our 75-year-anniversary. Our Gala will include dinner, entertainment, silent auction, vendor booths and more…truly an event to remember. We are helping to fund this celebration by creating a captivating cookbook filled with pages of our favorite recipes and spectacular art!

We are fortunate to belong to Omaha Artists Inc and to have the opportunity to enjoy instructional workshops and attend motivating and inspiring luncheon programs. Membership yearly dues are only $22.00! Volunteer positions on our board offer a better chance to make friends, find purpose and do for others – a rewarding experience. Members can show and sell their art at our own art shows (3 regularly scheduled shows each year). All shows (except special club shows) have ribbons, and monetary awards or prizes. Yearly scholarships are offered for members to continue to learn, improve and continue an education in art.

Fun Shops with highly qualified instructors teaching these workshops are held 9 months yearly. The cost to learn is only $4 for members and $5 non-members! Our Board Meetings-General Meetings include an art-related program presentation: these luncheon meetings also are held 9 months out of the year. OAI does not meet in July, August or December! Our Fun Shop is held at a local church family center and the luncheons are held at various restaurants in the Omaha area! We meet one month out of the year at the Joslyn Art Museum for an exhibition tour, lunch and our board/general meeting!

Being a member of OAI, one may join ANAC, the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs: 74 of our members are also members of ANAC! It is a learning and rewarding experience to become acquainted with other art clubs. The organization of art clubs promotes positivity and opportunities for personal growth and lasting friendships while connecting with those of like mind and passion. Each spring (usually April), an ANAC Selection Show is held in order to have artwork sent to the annual state show. An art judge is hired by our ANAC Committee and paid $50 for the judging competition. Our quota this year was 28 art pieces chosen to be sent to the state convention and show. Our signature members are Sara Wamsat and Marilyn Evelo Hansen.

When asked what has been our most successful meeting, it was a difficult question to answer as all our meetings are successful! Our board meeting agendas include input by each committee-chairpersons-board members and as a result, this organization makes things happen!

Example: in the last couple years, we have created/painted small paintings coupled with easels (donated from a local auction company). These 340+ paintings and easels were packaged and placed on the food trays of Meals on Wheels at Christmastime through the Eastern Office on Aging. We painted nearly 300 ornaments (donated by the same benefactor) and decorated a donated Christmas Tree for the Tangier Shriner’s Feztival of Trees (member donated items included gift certificates. Lionel Train, lights and ribbon). Monies from this endeavor helped children and their families financially and other like projects in the Omaha area. At one meeting, we voted to donate $500 to a chosen flood victim; The Platte Valley Art Center, originally built by Author Roger Welsch in Dannebrog. Each year, we gather to create greeting cards (sympathy, get well, congratulations) by the member artists. These are sent throughout the year to members who need encouragement. OAI has a website which provides information for members and the public regarding the benefits, events, and programs of our group. The site exposes members’ artwork to the public through personal gallery pages and by highlighting winning show entries. A monthly newsletter is sent to all members – excluding July and August.

…and that’s not all!

Two philanthropic projects of OAI, since 2002, are our Community Art Reach and Art Bridge – 9 months each year!
Community Art Reach: Art supplies and monies are collected by the membership each year at the November meeting and delivered to the Child Life Services of Nebraska Medicine.

Art Bridge: teaches English as a Second Language-introducing art basics, teaching approximately 40 adult students from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

It has been an honor sharing ‘our story’ with the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity.

Katie Johnson-President and Jo Anne Nielsen-Treasurer and ANAC Chairperson

Omaha Artists Inc… where friendships begin and last a lifetime!