By-Law Review of 2020

As required, there was a committee of 5 members including the president, (Katie Johnson, Barbara Egr, Jo Anne Nielsen, Sherry Reese and Dick Brown) who reviewed the By-Laws and Constitution. Again, because of the unusual circumstances of the COVID-19 Virus, we will be voting differently. 

We ask all members to review the recommended changes. These are being shown in this May 2020 Newsletter. Those accepting the changes and voting “yay” and those voting against these recommendations, please contact President Katie Johnson by text at 403-310-0349 or by email only. 

We thank you… 

  • Anything new is underlined.
  • Anything with a strike through is taken out.

Advisor: The Advisor shall form a committee of the Advisor and (3) three members to select the winner of the Genie Schafer Scholarship and the OAI Memorial Scholarship. A committee of three, the advisor, one executive board member and one member shall select the recipients of the scholarships from the applications submitted by members of OAI.

Membership: Word change from object to objectives.

Punctuation, spelling and some grammar were corrected.