All March/April Events Cancelled, Updates on Future Events

COVID-19 has caused our world, and life as we know it, to change. The board members and I have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel events for the rest of March and April.

Any new information before the May issue will be posted on the site and our Facebook page.

Spring Art Show

As of yet, no decision has been made regarding the spring art show. We will continue monitoring the situation and will notify you by mid-April if the show needs to be cancelled.

ANAC Conference

The ANAC Conference has been cancelled for this year. Fremont will hold the Conference in 2021. Please feel free to call Jo Anne (402-250-6464) with any questions you may have. She says she will be home!

Deadline for OAI Cookbook Recipes

The deadline for submitting recipes for the cookbook has been suspended. Why not take this time to look through your recipes and decide which ones you want to share?! Read more about submitting your recipes (this link will take you to a printable PDF file that contains instructions and a submission form).

During this time of uncertainty, I hope you can find comfort in your artwork. Consider sharing what you are working on with the rest of the group on the Omaha Artists Inc. Members Only Facebook page. Let us know if you are not already a member! Since it is a closed group (only members who have joined can see it), we will need to send you an invite to join. It is a safe place, both from the virus and the eyes of the public, where we can meet to share our thoughts, artwork and encouragement for other members.

This is a difficult time for all of us as we navigate through social distancing. While we artists are in our “happy place” creating art, there are those who would enjoy a phone call or a card...especially those who live alone! We hope if you are in need of assistance for any reason, you will reach out to a member. We will continue to keep you apprised as to upcoming events!

Warm Hugs...from a distance,
Katie Johnson