Fun Shop: "Loosen Up & Get Creative" with Karen Thurlow from Gallery 92

paint palette fun shop

Lutheran Church of the Master
2617 South 114th Street
Omaha, Nebraska

SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 2021 - 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
(Please note change of date from the Roster listing)

Cost: $4.00 members - $5.00 non-members

Pre-Registration required to Shirley Schmidt (limited number allowed, so register early)

Social distancing will be followed as well as mask-wearing. Please bring your own drinks.

We are offering this Saturday Fun Shop in the hopes that members of OAI who are employed will have the opportunity to attend a weekend Fun Shop. Karen Thurlow is a Nebraska native. She did not have the opportunity to have a formal art education so she explored every avenue to perfect her craft. Lots of art books and workshops....lots of trial and error.

Karen has worked in a number of media over the years. She now works mostly with acrylic paint and other water medias. Her work leans toward the impressionist style and has explored the abstract style of painting for the last few years. She also decorates furniture and wooden boxes. Karen has taught many workshops and classes in Nebraska. She is often asked to judge artwork for various organizations and schools. Karen is the past president of ANAC and also served on their board. Karen has also been a long-time member of the Fremont Area Art Association and served as their past president and is a current board member. She is also a member of the Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, NE. This workshop is compiled of several exercises to make you more creative. We will be painting with wild abandonment! We will stray from the tried and true and go with your natural impulses.
This workshop can be done with watercolor, acrylic, oil or pastel.....pick your poison.

You will need the supplies that you normally use for your selected media and a ruler, scissors and masking tape. Depending on your media choice, you will need either a sheet of watercolor paper (22x30) or a couple of canvas boards (16x20). To save class time you can take your watercolor paper or canvas board and divide it out. You can use a pencil, pen or marker to divide your paper or board. If you are using watercolor paper, you need to divide and cut the paper into 3 pieces, 7x30 inches, then divide each piece into 5 inch pieces giving you six 5x7 windows on each 7x30 strip. If you are using 16x20 canvas board, you will end up with eight 5x7 portions. First measure the 16 inch side into two 8 inch parts. Then measure the 20 inch side and mark into four 5 inch sections. You will be surprised at the creativity that you thought you didn't possess.