Fun Shop: Watercolor on Gesso with Marilyn Beig

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 / 9:00 am-12:00 pm (students may stay until 1:30 to continue painting)

Lutheran Church of the Master – 2716 South 114th 114th & Center Omaha,NE
Members $4.00 – Non-Members $5.00

Coffee/tea provided. Please bring snacks to share!
…and invite a guest!

Watercolor on Gesso by OAI Member and Artist Marilyn Beig. Gesso is an acrylic-based paint - Did you know you can paint watercolor on Gesso? It can be used to create a toned underpainting and to add a bit of texture to your watercolor painting. You can buy Gesso at any art store.

Our instructor, Ms. Beig became a member of OAI in the 60’s. She was secretary 2 terms, Vice President in 1972, President 1973 and 1974…Fun Shop Chair for several years and Co-Chair of the artwork hanging committee. Marilyn won the Joy Long Memorial Award in May 2017 for Best Use of Light and Atmosphere for a painting (approx. 24x30) of a Native American riding a Pinto Horse with buffalo in the background. She donated the painting to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She has been a member of ANAC for years and won the travel award three times! ...and has shown her art in Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa and Sedona!

Let’s learn this new idea from this phenomenal instructor! Are you a new artist, or a wanna-be? Come to our workshops and learn…even if you just watch to learn. We encourage newcomers!


  • bring Pictures or something with a good contrast for inspiration to paint …or draw a design with pencil (this
    might save time!).
  • gesso an old watercolor painting you always thought needed help or the wastebasket or paint the Gesso on
    a sheet of watercolor paper.
  • watercolors
  • brushes
  • watercolor supplies (you know, water container, paper towels etc)
  • gessoed watercolor paper (if you do not have gesso, bring old watercolor painting or watercolor paper and Marilyn will allow you to use her gesso and hairdryer).