January Fun Shop: A Good Start with Linda Bernett

Happy New Year to you! 

To start our new year with excitement and a new experience, we are honored to have a stimulating presentation by our own award-winning, Linda Bernett!

Enter your name at the Fun Shop for a chance to win a free lunch at our January 27, 2016 luncheon and program by Debra Joy Groesser 

Details and list of supplies can be found in Events - Fun Shop: A Good Start with Linda Bernett

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As winner of the Opal Parmenter Fellowship Award, Linda Bernett chose a workshop with Ken Elliott, an oil and pastel artist in Castle Rock, Colorado. Mr. Elliott’s work hangs in the Denver airport, Mayo Clinic, Marriott, Ritz hotel in Denver, Hitachi, Kaiser-Permanente and top galleries nationwide just to name a few. Ken has over 40 years in art, first as a picture framer, art restorer, art dealer, and began painting 25 years ago. His works are a simplification and exaggeration of nature, reliant on strategies of making good art objects. 

Linda was drawn to his style and dramatic choice of colors. All new experience as she had never painted with oils, done landscapes or painted large! In this workshop, he advised, "I focus on landscapes- I don't try to recreate nature (even Monet said he never got it right) or attempt storytelling. Begin boldly, using more color than exists in nature. Any missteps will be eliminated or incorporated as an unintended surprise”. 

Linda will present what she learned from this workshop to our Omaha Artists Inc Fun Shop! She will be showing a U-tube video of Ken working on a painting from start to finish!