OAI After Hours: Omaha Artists Cooperative Gallery and Hot Shops

The OAI Meeting is on Tuesday, Nov.18 at the Hot Shops Art Center. We are being led by Dorothy Tuma and Jean Barban.

Meet the group at Hot Shops at 6pm, and then carpool to the Omaha Artists Coop in the Old Market (parking may be limited) to see the current show. The carpool will take off around 6:10. Feel free to meet us at the Artists Cooperative Gallery, 405 South 11th St. as we expect the tour to last about 1/2 hour, so if you’re running behind, please come straight to Hot Shops.

After the tour we will go back to Hot Shops where we will have a potluck and drinks will be provided. Bring your favorite art supplies to create/decorate the cards for the Hospitality Committee. Dorothy has cards are hand for you to design. drinks will be provided.