President's Message for November

Katie Johnson

Let’s talk turkey…no, nothing to do with bowling 3 strikes in a row and nothing to do with name-calling even though we do use the words ‘stuff it’ while quitting cold turkey and singing it’s all about that baste! 

This month, we pull out our favorite recipes and buy magazines with new recipes we may wish to try for our turkey dinners. Thanksgiving dinner in this country is traditionally turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Have you ever wondered if the Pilgrims had the same menu in 1621 as we do today? Was turkey the meat served? Did they even have sugar and flour to make cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie? Did they have sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping? 

While you are looking at your favorite recipes and perhaps reading recipes from your grandmother’s recipe box, keep in mind you may wish to submit these recipes to be published in our cookbook! Check out the recipe entry form in this newsletter! Don’t forget we have an art show in November – photos will be chosen for our cookbook. 

We have another date to keep in mind for November! We have the Feztival of Trees, November 23- November 30 held at the Tangier Shine, 2823 South 84th Street here in Omaha. OAI has sponsored and donated a tree decorated with our own painted ornaments under the leadership of Linda Jones. Help us decorate that tree November 21st and win a free ticket to go to the soft opening at the drawing on 20th! 

Each November finds the members of OAI enjoying a potluck meal, fellowship and the making of greeting cards for the upcoming year. This year we gather on November 20th. Barbara Mathewson is Courtesy Chair: throughout the year, she sends cards to those who are grieving a loss, someone who is ill, welcoming, thanking or praising. If you know of a member of our group who might enjoy receiving a card, please notify Barbara. We appreciate Barbara’s diligence in making someone’s day a little brighter! 

November is a time not only for turkey but, a time of thanking those we appreciate. There is something about this time of year being surrounded by people who love and care about you. Let’s share the love and appreciation for each other as we consider the past and the present. 

May all your wishbone wishes come true! 

---Katie Johnson-President 
Omaha Artists Inc. 

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.
–William Arthur Ward