Open Door Mission

My name is Sandy Powers and, as a fellow OAI and ANAC member, I’m inviting you to join me on the ground level of an extraordinary art opportunity. I’ve been given permission to create an art program for the residents, both men and women, of the Open Door Mission (ODM) but I humbly submit I cannot do it alone. As artists, we already know the power of expressing ourselves through art; the peace, joy, vulnerability, clarity, healing, and transformation that can come from both the process and the final piece. Imagine bringing this to our neighbors-in-need at ODM! Imagine what their art might look like. Imagine the potential for healing, even change.

If you’re interested in being part of group emails and/or a few brainstorming sessions, please email me at your earliest convenience. Combining our creative gifts will result in an amazing program.

Sandy Powers
Program: ODM heART Work

Sandy Powers contact information.