November Board Meeting Notes

Omaha Artist Inc. Board Meeting Minutes: November 20, 2019. Meeting called to order by President, Katie Johnson.

Secretary: Judy Freeland read the minutes and they were approved.

Treasurer: JoAnne Nielsen reported $5,598.74.

ANAC: JoAnne Nielsen reported the next meeting will be in Fremont, June 10-13, 2020. Three workshops are planned and will be detailed in the January newsletter.

Cook Book Project: Authors JoAnne Nielsen and Susan Stevens ask that your recipes be sent to JoAnne and Susan’s emails.

Art Shows: Sharon Clawson reported we had 109 entries at La Casa November 4th. Winners will be announced in the January newsletter. Takedown is January 6, 2020, 11-1am. Our winter show will be in Fremont at Gallery 92. Registration will be Sunday February 2, 2020 at 2-4 pm. Reception, Friday, February 7th, 5-7pm. Takedown, Monday, March 2, 11-1pm. The spring show will be at Hot Shops. April 28th will be registration, 11-1pm. Reception will be Sunday, May 3 at 2-4pm. Takedown, Sunday, May 31, 2-4pm. Our summer show is at Lauritzen Gardens. Registration will be Wednesday, July 29, 11-1pm. Reception TBA. Takedown is Sunday, September 20, 2-4pm. Lauritzen Gardens will take 25%. The theme is The Art of Nature.

Community Art Bridge: Linda Bernett announced 40 people attended The November meeting. Fall leaves was the art project. In the December, the class will make Christmas wreaths.

Community Art Reach: Sara Wamsat and her new committee member, Sally Calhoun reported supplies are needed as well as donations. Donations were made by members at the November 20th Fun Shop as well as the monies collected for class fee!.

Courtesy: Barbara Mathewson reported three new members. Marsha Pavel, Carol Stolp and Chris Bolmeier. Welcome ladies.

Fun Shop: Shirley Schmidt and Neva Cozine arranged for Fun Shop participants to make greeting cards, November 20 to be supplied to Barb Mathewson’s Courtesy Committee collection. Thirty seven people attended the workshop bringing in $192. No meeting in December. January’s Fun Shop Artist and Executor Director, Barbara Gehringer from the Fremont 92 Gallery will demonstrate “paper making”.

Reservationist and Event Coordinator: Carol McCall and Patty Kounkel reserved Charlie’s On The Lake to be our board meeting/ luncheon location in January. Sarah McWilliams will present the program which will be detailed in the newsletter.

Membership: Susan Stevens and JoAnne Nielsen reported 125 active members.

Newsletter: Linda Guynn asks that all information be sent in promptly. The deadline for the January newsletter is December 26th.

Programs: Barbara Egr reported Sarah McWilliams will speak on finding our own style at the January 15th board/luncheon pro-gram. Details can be found in the newsletter.

Vice President: Barbara Egr reported Digital Express will print 250 business cards for $28. Barb Egr motioned to accept this proposal seconded by JoAnne Nielsen. Katie announced she will be out of town in January, Barb Egr, vice president will lead our January 15 board/ luncheon meeting.

President: Katie Johnson asked for a vote to create new business cards for OAI with the assistance of Susan Stevens and Jo Anne Nielsen.

Other Announcements: Three volunteers are needed by the January 15, 2020 luncheon/meeting to be on the scholarship committee headed by Linda Bernett.

The Tangier Shriners Feztival of Trees runs through November 25-30. Thank you to Linda Jones for heading up this project and to all who helped decorate ornaments for the OAI tree. Thank you also for those who volunteered to set up and decorate our tree on Thursday, November 21.

Motion to Adjourn by JoAnne Nielsen / Seconded by Linda Jones
Meeting adjourned by President Katie Johnson
Respectfully submitted by Judy Freeland