Spotlight Section featuring Sharon Clawson

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The Spotlight Member Section is meant to get to know each other.

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

A: I was born in and grew up in South Sioux City, NE. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Life Sciences from UNL. I worked full time and part time at UNMC as a research assistant a long time ago. I’ve been married to the same cool guy named Bruce for 44 years.. We have 3 kids, two boys and a girl. Our oldest boy and our daughter live in Long Beach, CA, so 2 of our grandsons live way far away. They are ages 4 and 2. Our other son lives here in Omaha so we have a 9 year old grandson here to spoil. My hobbies include travel, gardening, horseback riding, camping, hiking, nature activities and having fun with my kids and grandkids, and my hubby, of course.

Q: Tell us something about you that most people do not know about?

A: Something you don’t know about me is that my nickname as a girl was “Tootie”!

Q: Have you been a member of other organizations?

A: I'm a life member of Sierra Club (national environmental organization) and am currently on the local board serving as secretary. I have served as president of the PTA when the kids were in school, was on our church council, was a former Girl Scout Leader, and was a volunteer at Neale Woods Nature Center.

Q: How did you get involved in art? Tell us your story...

A: I always loved to draw and color as a kid, and my aunt was a a well known artist in the town I grew up in. So, she taught me how to use oils and pastels when I was about 12 - I learned so much from her. I continued to occasionally take the time to paint and make art while in high school college, and took a few classes in art at UNL, also at UNO after getting married and while having kids. I learned to use watercolor at UNO. I learned to use acrylic at some Fun Shops through OAI, and refined my skills in oil and pastel at other Fun Shops local workshops. I've lately preferred oil, but I still like to use the other mediums.

Q: What is your history or experience with OAI?

A: I've always enjoyed my time with OAI - and I'm happy that the board is so friendly and harmonious! I have been a member of OAI for a long time now - I think I joined in the 90's. I learned of it from a friend who was in a different art group. I've served on various committees of OAI, and have held positions of Vice President, President, and for the past several years I've been the Art Show Chairperson. This entails finding a venue for each of our 3 shows per year, getting a judge for each show, ordering ribbons for the year, and everything else involved in getting the show up and ready.

I have several long term committee members on the art show committee - they include Pat Lontor, Debi Plog, JoAnne Nielsen, Linda Glantz, Denice Lueke, Albert Rhea and Marilyn Beig. To form this committee, I just asked a few friends to help me, and as others had to leave the committee over the years, was able to find replacements. We all get along well, and all pitch in wherever needed. The committee shows up for registration day, and help take in the art, write everything into the registration book, take in the entry money, and then we hang the art. After the judging I put up the nicer title cards. The committee brings in the reception food and drink and keep it all stocked during the reception. Take down requires just one person to be there and check people off as their pieces are taken down. We usually think of at least one themed show per year, usually for the Hot Shops venue. Various members of the committee and the membership give me ideas for themes, and I usually pick one out of those suggested.