ANAC 2018 Award Winners

anac 2018 beig at ease

At Ease – Marilyn Beig

anac easedale stand tall

Stand Tall – Danielle Easedale

anac 2018 hanson join me

Join Me – Marilyn Evelo Hanson

anac 2018 easedale purrrfect

The Purrrfect Companion – Danielle Easedale

Congratulations to Omaha Artists. We had 4 winners at the Scottsbluff Conference held June 20 -23, 2018. They are Marilyn Beig for her collage titled “At Ease”, Danielle Easdale with hand carved layered paper titled “Stand Tall Giraffe”, and Marilyn Evelo Hanson for her alcohol ink titled “Join Me”.

These three members received Certificates of Excellence and will be traveling throughout the state until June of 2019. Danielle Easdale also won an Honorable Mention for her hand carved layered paper titled “The Purrrfect Companion”.

We had great help this year hanging the show in Scottsbluff. Linda Bernett and Karen Lastovica hung the show and we really appreciated all their help. Thanks again. Linda Jones already had a previous engagement and couldn't be there but will be back next year.

“On The Edge of Something” will be the 2019 ANAC Conference and held in Albion, NE, June 19 -22, 2019. The judge will be Joan Fullerton from Colorado and will be doing a multiple media workshop. More information will be following in the next month’s as we get the information.

Photos coming soon!