Manage/Edit Gallery Images


  1. If not already logged in, log in to the site.
  2. Click on the Galleries link in the row of links below the Omaha Artists Inc. logo.
    • If you have already Published your gallery, click on your gallery name (ex. Jane Doe) and the Manage Gallery link will be located in the right hand menu box.
    • If you have not Published your gallery page yet, the Manage Gallery will show on the Galleries page. (See  Manage Gallery for details).
  3. Click on Manage Images to the right of your name to launch the Image Manager

    img manager edit

Edit Images Descriptions

  1. Click on Edit link at the end or your description in the Description column.

    img manager edit image v2
  2. When you have finished editing, click on Save & Close to save your edits.

Change Image Order

  1. Use the small arrows to the far right of each image to move it into the desired order or Change the numbers in the boxes to the right of the arrows to set the order.

  2. When finished changing the numbers, save the new order by clicking on the very small icon to the right of the column heading Ordering.

  3. img manager order images v2

Delete Images

  1. Click the box to the left of the image you want to delete to put a check mark in it.
  2. Click on the Delete button at the top of the table.

    manage image delete v2

Replace Images

Unfortunately you cannot replace an image. You will need to add it as a new image and delete the old one.

  1. Use a different file name for the replacement image. If you use the same name the old image will still appear.
  2. Add the new image, with a different file name, as described in Add Gallery Images.
  3. To save time you may want to open the old image description and copy it to paste into the new image description.
  4. Delete the old image and description as instructed under Delete Images on this page.