Constitution and By-Laws

Revised 05/25/2016


The name of the organization shall be “Omaha Artists, Inc.”.


The purpose of Omaha Artists, Inc. shall be to promote the development and appreciation of art in the Omaha Metro area.

Eligibility and Membership

Artists and persons of Omaha and the vicinity interested in the arts are eligible for membership upon application and payment of the annual membership dues. Application and dues are submitted to the Membership Chairperson.


Executive Officers of OAI shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisor (immediate Past President). The Board shall consist of the Executive Officers and Committee Chairpersons. Any member of Omaha Artists, Inc. may attend Board Meetings. In the event of a vacant office, the Executive Board will choose a replacement to be voted on at the next general meeting.              

Duties of the Officers and Committee Chairpersons

The Board, presided over by the President, shall discuss and formulate all business and bring it before the General Meeting of Omaha Artists, Inc. for action. The Board shall also recommend such appropriations as necessary to accomplish the purpose of OAI and shall keep an activity report to be passed on to their successors. The Board shall revoke membership if any person knowingly works to defeat the object or purpose of Omaha Artists, Inc. The President shall call special meetings.

Terms of Office

The term of office shall be from June installation to the following June installation.


The President shall call meetings and preside over them, and cast the deciding vote in case of a tie; shall preside at all General Meetings; shall be Chairperson of the Board; shall, with the Treasurer, sign all contracts.  The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees not otherwise provided for in these By-laws. The President receives membership free during the time served as President and the following year when serving as Advisor, thereafter, returning to dues paying status. At the request of the majority of the Board, a meeting may be called, and, at the request of the quorum of the membership, a special meeting may be called.

Vice President

The Vice President shall act as aide to the President, and, in the absence of the President, perform all duties of the office; and, with the Membership Chairperson shall be responsible for compiling and distributing the Roster at the September and October General Meetings. 


The Secretary shall keep records of the General and Board Meetings and shall conduct all correspondence as directed by the President.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for all receipts and disbursements of funds received and related to Omaha Artists, Inc., and ANAC, on behalf of club members belonging to ANAC. The Treasurer shall oversee the Genie Schafer Memorial Art Fund and Community Art Reach funds. The Treasurer will  pay the bi-annual fee to the State of Nebraska. (Detailed instructions to be given to the new Treasurer at time of assuming office.) 


The Advisor shall help incoming President with his/her duties. The Advisor shall form a committee of the Advisor and [3] three members to select the winner of the Genie Schafer Scholarship and the OAI Memorial Scholarship.  The Advisor shall contact Bellevue Artist Association to notify them that the Genie Schafer Scholarship application should be placed in their January newsletter. The Advisor should also communicate with the Schafer family each year to keep them advised as to the Scholarship gift(s).  (Job of Elections and Nominations is described in roster.)


The past Treasurer, new Treasurer, and the President shall prepare the budget for the current year and present it to the Board for approval.    

* Committee Chairpersons

Committee Chairpersons shall keep a report stating all responsibilities and giving an account of the year’s activities and expenditures including participation and participants. These items shall be passed on to their successors at the June combined Board Meeting. 

* ANAC Association of Nebraska Art Clubs

The ANAC Chairperson shall collect ANAC dues. The Chairperson is in charge of organizing A.N.A.C. business, keeping an activity report and reporting such business to the Board. The transport/and return of selected showpieces for ANAC Art Show shall be $15.00 per artist.   Membership must be paid by February 28th of that year to participate in that Summers Conference

* Community Art Reach 

This is a committee made up of the entire membership which provides art related services to the community as needed.  Supplies wil be packaged and these art packets will be boxed and distributed to child-related centers (i.e. Child Life Services at Nebraska Med and Women's and children's shelters).   Plans could include art lessons to be given by club volunteesr with donated supplies as opprtunities arise.  It is recommended that donations be gathered through out the year and brought to the Fun Shop in November.      A Chairperson and Co-chairperson are recommended for this committee.

* Art Bridge  

An extension of the Community Art Reach Program began in 2002. Metro Community College teaches ESL classes to adult refugees from many nations. The club members give basic art lessons to these students once a month, Sept. - May. The OAI members donate all art supplies.

* Courtesy

The Courtesy Chairperson shall, on appropriate occasions, send cards that have been handmade by members.

* Fun Shop

The Fun Shop Chairperson shall be responsible for all Fun Shops, and, with the Program Chairperson, for the combined general meeting-Fun Shop in November and collect all fees at such Fun Shops. OAI will pay the person conducting the Fun Shop.

* Historian

The Historian shall keep a scrapbook of clippings, pictures, newsletters, et cetera, pertaining to OAI. The Historian shall be responsible for having photographs taken of winning artwork at all shows.

* Hostess

The Hostess and the Co-Hostess shall be responsible for making luncheon and dinner arrangements, and shall collect for all reservations made, and see to the payment of the bill. The Hostess will work in conjunction with the Program Chairperson. The Hostess shall notify the Treasurer of uncollected fees for luncheon reservations not cancelled and [the Hostess] is responsible for collecting such fees.

* Membership  

The Membership Chairperson shall handle applications for prospective members; assist the Vice President in compiling and distribution of the Roster. A membership will not be renewed if there is any debt owed OAI (i.e. luncheon  that were not cancelled, and are still unpaid). Membership rights and renewals will be denied to persons who are knowingly working to defeat the object or purpose of Omaha Artists, Inc. The Membership Chairperson will provide additions to the Roster to the Newsletter Chairperson for inclusion in the Newsletter. Notification will be sent by the Membership Chairperson as reminder to those whose dues are not paid by June 15th.

* Newsletter

The Newsletter Chairperson/Co-Chairperson shall prepare in coordination with the President, the monthly Newsletter. It shall be presented accurately and factually with out editorial comments.

* Program

The Program Chairperson shall be responsible for programs at the General Meeting. The chairpersonmust notify the hostess Committee if there are special needs by the program presenter. Omaha Artists, Inc. will pay a stipend to the presenter and also pay for the presenter’s meal. 

* Publicity & Public Relations

The Publicity Chairperson shall handle all publicity. The President and Vice President shall handle all public relations. No member may represent Omaha Artists, Inc. without approval and authorization of the President.

* Webmaster

Omaha Artists, Inc. shall provide a web site to help the community to become aware of art activities and to provide a virtual gallery for the creativity and talent of local artists. 

The website chairperson keeps the website up to date with newsletters, art shows, opportunities and other art related items.

* Art Show 

The Art Show Chairperson shall be responsible  for each club show or art fairs, receptions, judges, recognition awards and keeping an activity report of each show’s functions for future reference.


Omaha Artists, Inc. authorizes Robert’s Rules of Order.


The By-laws may be amended at any General Meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present, providing there is a quorum and notice was given at the previous meeting. By-laws shall be reviewed yearly by a Committee of five, which includes the President. The changes in the By-laws shall be presented at the April Board Meeting, listed in the May Newsletter and voted on at the May General Meeting.


The dues of active members of Omaha Artists, Inc. shall be $22.00 per year until changed by a vote of the membership. Dues are payable April 1st and delinquent July 1st.  To be included in the Roster, dues need to be paid by July 1st. The amount of ANAC dues shall be at the discretion of that organization. 


General Meeting: Thirty members will constitute a quorum. Board Meeting: Majority will constitute a quorum.

Election and Nominations for the Executive Officers:

The Advisor at the February meeting shall select a Nomination Committee of three. The Advisor shall serve as Chairperson. They shall present a slate of executive officers at the April General Meeting. This report is to be voted on by the members in May. Installation is to be at the June meeting.

Fellowship and Scholarship

A Committee of three with the Advisor, another Executive board member and two members shall select the recipient of the Opal Paementer Fellowship from the applications submitted by Members of OAI. The recipient shall attend a workshop or conference approved by the Committee. Upon completion of the learning experience, the recipient shall present a Fun Shop to the general membership. The recipient shall share the information, techniques, and use of materials acquired at the workshop they attended  within the calendar year awarded. The Fellowship shall be called the Opal Parmenter Fellowship.

The Genie Schafer Art Memorial Scholarship shall be awarded annually at the February general meeting.   Requirements for the scholarship: recipient(s) must be a member of Omaha Artists, Inc. or Bellevue Artists Association; recipient(s) must have a sincere desire to improve his or her own artistic skills; and the Scholarship is to be used for any art workshop conducted by a recognized teacher. 


The organization shall hold General Meetings once each month, except July, August, and December, usually on the fourth Wednesday of the month.