Types of Shows

Special Club Shows

Special club shows may or may not be juried, may or may not have entry fees according to the situation and space available. No awards are given for these shows generally and are simply opportunities for members to sell their art.

Annual Club Shows

There are three regularly scheduled annual shows:

  • The Fall All Member Show
  • The Winter All Member Show
  • The Spring All Member Show

All shows (except special club shows) have ribbons or monetary awards or prizes. There is one judge for each show who receives a $100.00 judging fee. Traveling show ribbons are used at each show, which remain the property of Omaha Artists Inc. The show winners receive their own ribbons at the art show receptions.

The Small Image Show

Size guidelines for the Small Image Show: Measurements of height and width of the image (not including matting or framing) added together may not exceed 18 inches. Example: 8x10 image, 8 + 10 = 18. 6x12 image: 6 + 12 = 18. Again, measurements are for image only. Small Image Shows are to be scheduled as needed, depending on availability of space at the venue.