Standards for Exhibiting Artwork

By Omaha Artists, Inc.

A framed resume of Omaha Artists, Inc. will be posted in a prominent place. The Show Chairman and Committees are responsible for enforcing the following rules:

  1. Original works in drawing, printmaking, collage, mixed media, painting, photography, pottery/clay, sculpture, textiles, blown glass and jewelry are acceptable in all shows. If your work is done using a computer, please attach a sheet explaining the program and/or process used.
  2. To conform to the spirit of the competition ALL work must be original. No copies from other artists or published material will be allowed. Works done from photographs you have taken, or non-copyrighted or you’ve been given permission by the photographer to use are acceptable. Artwork completed or started at a workshop will be allowed, as long as the artist completed all of the artwork, and the class work was not all participants painting the same scene. Source material must be available upon request. As under the present law, a copyrighted work will be infringed by reproducing it in whole or in any substantial part, and by duplicating it exactly or by imitation or simulation. Wide departures or variations from the copyrighted work would still be an infringement as long as the author’s “expression” rather than merely the author’s “idea” are taken. Except as otherwise provided by this title, anyone infringing upon a copyright is liable for either the copyright owner’s actual damages and any additional profits or statutory damages.
  3. Absolutely all work must have been completed within the last two years. Work must be dry and in good repair and appropriate to the venue in which it is displayed.
  4. Framed work must have appropriate hangers, screw eyes, d-rings or other appropriate methods from which to attach wire for hanging. No sawtooth hangers - no exceptions. Framed dry media (i.e: colored pencil, graphite, pastels, photos and collage) must have glass on them for OAI shows. The only exception: Plexiglas is required for pieces selected for ANAC * (glass is required only on pastels for ANAC). Plexiglas or glass is to be used on framed watercolors or similar water media to protect the surface from inadvertent damage. The art show committee or those in charge of show sites are not responsible for any damages caused to framed pieces without glass, poorly constructed frames or hanging devices.

    Quality and cleanliness reflects upon the entire exhibit. Artwork with matting must have clean, well-cut mats free of smudges and particles.

    Gallery-wrapped canvas is acceptable without a frame but the canvas must be painted around the sides and edges. No staples can show on the sides. These canvases also require proper hanging devices in a finished manner.

  5. Free standing pieces must include a pedestal for display, draped if necessary, proportionate to the size of the piece.
  6.  Jewelry pieces must be secured appropriately and mounted to be hung like a painting or on an appropriate display device such as a neck-piece. 
  7. The artist is responsible for entering and picking up pieces at designated times only. No work may be removed from the show until the specified pick up time.

    Removal of an artwork from a show before the take down date/time is not allowed. The art show chair must be informed if a piece has been sold during the show and exceptions to this rule will be considered on an as-needed basis. No artwork may be removed from a show to be included as inventory in any other show regardless of whether the artwork has received an award in the current show or not. All show sites will be informed of these rules and they will be enforced.

  8. Judges should be given guidelines and rules of the show. Judges have the right to reject work that does not meet the standards of the show. Judges’ decisions are final.
  9. Work that has been accepted and hung in a club-sponsored judged show may not be submitted to another of the club’s judged shows. However, works shown in the Omaha Artists, Inc. art fairs (non-judged shows) or shows sponsored by other groups are eligible.