Image Size Guidelines

Frame size illus

We will be enforcing size guidelines, in order to give the shows a better look, and to avoid overcrowding. These sizes refer to the OUTSIDE EDGES OF THE FRAME

  • 3 pieces allowed 11 x 14 or smaller, (area of 154 square inches or smaller), each piece. Square inches are measured by multiplying the length by the width of the outside edge of the frame. 
  • 2 pieces allowed at 24 x 30 or smaller, (are of 720 square inches or smaller). 
  • 1 piece allowed larger then 24 x 30, with maximum size of 40 x 40, (1600 square inches). 

Sizes may be figured by adding two adjacent sides, so smallest no bigger than 25 (11+14), middle size 54,(24+30), and largest-when two sides greater than 54 but not larger than 80 total.

Restrictions may vary from show to show. Refer to Art Shows News for the restriction details of a particular show.

Call Sharon Clawson at 402-572-8486 or email if you have questions.