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Hello you wonderful people. I miss you all. 

Summer Omaha Artists, Inc. Art Show "The Art of Nature" 

Location: Lauritzen Botanical Gardens
Registration: Wednesday, July 29, 11-1 pm 
Reception: Sunday, August 2, 2-4 pm 
Take Down: Sunday, September 20, 2-4pm 

This show will take place IF Lauritzen Gardens actually opens before then. And if we do have the show, we will most likely have many new precautions in place to make sure we all stay safe from this crazy virus. All of this will be worked out with Lauritzen, our Art Show committee, and our presiding officers. Watch for an upcoming email in June to let you know how the art show will work, as far as taking in paintings, registrations , etc. 

In the meantime, keep painting!

This show at the Gardens needs to have nature as its focus, in some way or shape. 

If things return to normal, the next show after that would be in October in Fremont at Gallery 92, with the theme that would have been for our cancelled Spring Show at Hot Shops, which was "Shadows". 

Please stay tuned - at this point everything is up in the air. But keep creating - that's what artists do!