Art Shows

Art Show News

Please remember for all OAI Art Shows:

  • All art entered in our shows must be new pieces, that is within the last 2 years.
  • They must have never been entered in any previous OAI art show.
  • They must have a wire hanger on the back.
  • They must be ready to hang – no putting glazes on while at the registration.

Spring Art Show

April 28 -May 31
Hot Shops Art Studio
1301 Nicholas St.

  • Theme: “Shadows”

Registration: Tuesday, April 28, 11 -1 pm
Reception: Sunday, May 3, 2 -4 pm
Take Down: Sunday, May 31, 2-4pm

Image Size Guidelines

Frame size illus

We will be enforcing size guidelines, in order to give the shows a better look, and to avoid overcrowding. These sizes refer to the OUTSIDE EDGES OF THE FRAME

  • 3 pieces allowed 11 x 14 or smaller, (area of 154 square inches or smaller), each piece. Square inches are measured by multiplying the length by the width of the outside edge of the frame.
  • 2 pieces allowed at 30 x 30 or smaller, (are of 900 square inches or smaller).
  • 1 piece allowed larger then 30 x 30, with maximum size of 40 x 40, (1600 square inches).

Sizes also may be figured by adding two adjacent sides, so smallest no bigger than 25 (11+14), middle size 60, (30+30), and largest –when two sides added are greater than 60 but not larger than 80 total.

Extra Show!!

We will be at Lauritzen Botanical Gardens

  • Theme: "The Art of Nature"

Registration: Wednesday, July 29, 11 -1 pm
Reception: Sunday, August 2 from 2-4.
Take Down: Sunday, September 20 - 2 -4 pm

Fall Art Show

We will have our fall art show at Gallery 92 in Fremont, November, 2020. Dates to follow.