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Omaha Artists, Inc. Fall Art Show

Theme: “ From Farm to Kitchen”
November 4, 2019 - January 6, 2020
La Casa, 4432 Leavenworth St

Registration – Monday, Nov. 4, 11 - 1 pm
Reception – Monday, Nov. 11, 5 - 7 pm
Take Down – Monday, Jan. 6, 11 - 1pm

Some of the paintings from this show will be put into the Omaha Artists, Inc. cookbook, which will be for a future fundraiser for OAI. Information about the cookbook will be given at a future date. Your paintings can be of anything farm related, or food related, or kitchen related.

Questions? – Call Sharon Clawson at 402-672-7536.

Entry Fee - $15 for up to 3 paintings. Number of art pieces that can be entered depends on the size of the art – measured from edge of outside frame.
Please read the art show rules in the roster. Remember – you cannot enter any art piece that has already been entered in any other OAI Art Show.

Frame size illus

Image Size Guidelines

We will be enforcing size guidelines, in order to give the shows a better look, and to avoid overcrowding. These sizes refer to the OUTSIDE EDGES OF THE FRAME

  • 3 pieces allowed 11 x 14 or smaller, (area of 154 square inches or smaller), each piece. Square inches are measured by multiplying the length by the width of the outside edge of the frame.
  • 2 pieces allowed at 24 x 30 or smaller, (are of 720 square inches or smaller).
  • 1 piece allowed larger then 24 x 30, with maximum size of 40 x 40, (1600 square inches).

Sizes may be figured by adding two adjacent sides, so smallest no bigger than 25 (11+14), middle size 54,(24+30), and largest – when two sides greater than 54 but not larger than 80 total.

Bio of Art Show Judge, Linda Meigs

My first art award was tickets to “Westward Ho the Wagons” at the Dundee Theater. I was a preschooler. Since then I have felt connected to both art and history. I received my BFA in Printmaking at the University of Kansas while my Minor was History. I joined the Artists Cooperative Gallery and exhibited at Anderson O’Brien Gallery among other sites. Since 1998 the Florence Mill has fit like a pioneer glove as both my preservation project and art & history installation. Just like art, it’s making something out of nothing. (Only ruin with potential and an idea for community improvement.) Despite a long career as an artist with numerous awards, I may not be remembered as an artist. I suspect I will be remembered as the Mill Lady. Linda Meigs

Winter Art Show

No theme
January 31 - March 2, 2020
Jewish Community Center, 332 South 132nd St.

Registration – Friday, Jan. 31, 11 - 1pm
Reception – Sunday Feb. 9, 2 - 4pm
Take Down – Monday, March 2, 11 - 1pm

Spring Art Show

April 28 - May 31
Hot Shops Art Studio, 1301 Nicholas St.
Theme: “Shadows”

Registration – Tuesday, April 28, 11 - 1 pm
Reception – Sunday, May 3, 2 - 4 pm
Take Down – Sunday, May 31, 11 - 1pm