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Spring Art Show - "Childhood Memories"

Hot Shops Art Center 1301 Nicholas Street

Theme is "Childhood Memories". Along with your entry, you must also write a short explanation of your "Childhood Memories" art piece on a 3x5 card to hang beside your artwork.

Registration: Tuesday, April 30, 11 am - 1 pm
Reception: Sunday, May 5, 2 -4 pm
Take down: Tuesday, May 28, 11 am -1 pm

Entry fee is $15 for up to 3 pieces, depending on the size of your art pieces
Image Size Guidelines

We will be enforcing size guidelines, in order to give the shows a better look, and to avoid overcrowding. These sizes refer to the outside edges of the frame.

Frame size illus
  • 3 pieces 11 x 14 or smaller.
  • 2 pieces are allowed if both are 30 x 30 or smaller.
  • One piece if it's larger than 30 x 30, with maximum size of 40 x 40.

Sizes may be figured by adding two adjacent sides, so smallest no bigger than 25 (11+14), middle size 60 (30 + 30), and largest when two sides are greater than 60 but not larger than 80 total.

Our Fall Art Show will be in October at La Casa. This show will also have a theme. Omaha Artists, Inc. will be publishing a cookbook, with recipes from our members, and with artwork from our artists. So the theme will be something dealing with food – and can depict scenes of crops in the field, the harvest, gardens, fruit trees, farm animals, still lifes of food, people working in the kitchen, someone milking a cow or goat, feeding chickens, etc. A title for the show will be forthcoming. Dates will be determined soon.

The title or theme for the Oct. show is: “From Farm to Kitchen”.