Art Shows

Art Shows - June

I hope everyone has a productive summer of inspiration which leads to lots of art-making! Remember to paint some small ones for the fall show, and be thinking of something fun from Mother Goose rhymes for the spring show. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 402- 572-8486, or my cell at 402-672-7536.

Fall Art Show

Small Image Show at Esprit Senior Living Center, 1755 Emmet St. October 3 thru December 2015. A Small Image Show means the image can be no larger than 18 inches on two sides. Such as 8x10, 4x14, 12x6,etc. You can frame the image to any size you like, and can enter up to 3 pieces for a entry fee of $15.00. Unfortunately, no sculpture or items needing pedestals will be allowed at this show. No theme.

Winter Show

February of 2016 at the Jewish Community Center. No theme. Size restrictions will apply - 3 pieces allowed 11x14 or smaller, 2 pieces 24x30 or smaller, one piece if larger than 24x30, with nothing larger than 40x40.

Spring Show 2016

Hot Shops in April. Theme: “Mother Goose”

I think this will be a really fun theme. There are so many Mother Goose rhymes to choose from, and so many great images to illustrate! But please do not copy any of the illustrations from the book! Size restrictions will be a little different to allow for the mid-size paintings to be a little larger. 3 pieces allowed if 11x14 or smaller, 2 pieces 30x30 or smaller, and 1 piece if larger than 30x30, but nothing larger than 40x40.