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Upcoming Art Shows

Congratulations to those artists who sold art work at the Fall Hot Shops Show!

  • Sally Calhoun ~ “Timeless Tradition” ~ acrylic
  • Theresa Rhodus ~ “Hattie’s Bloom” ~ acrylic
  • Dorothy Tuma ~ “In the Beginning” ~ mixed
  • Dorothy Tuma ~ “On the Old Farm Place” ~ mixed 

Winter Art Show!

Jewish Community Center, 333 South 132nd St.

Registration: Sunday, Feb. 1, 1-3 pm
Reception: Sunday, Feb. 8, 2-4 pm
Take Down: Sunday, March 1, 1-3 pm 

No theme, $15 entry fee for up to three pieces. The JCC takes a 25% commission, so price accordingly. 


Size restrictions apply: The measurements refer to the outside edges of the frame.

  • Smallest– 3 pieces allowed when no larger than 11 x 14, or 25 inches total when adding the length and width together, (11 + 14 = 25)
  • Medium– 2 pieces if 24 x 30 or smaller (24 + 30 = 54 inches total).
  • Largest– 1 piece if larger than 24 x 30, but no larger than 40 x 40 (40 + 40 = 80 inches total). 

Sculptures: Please call Sharon if you have a large sculpture to enter. There is not as much room at JCC and will have to decide on each large piece individually. 

Art Show Guidelines: Please use the art show guidelines in the roster: clean mats, frames and glass, only new work done within last 2 years, nothing from past shows, proper wire hanger, canvas with no frame must have edges painted and be gallery wrapped (no staples showing). 

Pieces are not to be removed prior to the take down day and time. If an exception is needed you must call Sharon. Many pieces were removed from the Hot Shops Show prior to the take down date without notice. If this occurs at this show, the offenders will not be allowed to enter the next OAI show. 

Hours at the Jewish Community Center are Monday-Thursday 8 am –9pm, Friday 8am-5pm, closed Saturday, Sunday 11am-7:30pm. 

Spring Art Show at Hot Shops! 

Theme: “April Showers Bring….”

Registration: Wednesday, April 1, 5-8 pm
Reception: Sunday, April 12, 2-4 pm
Take Down: Sunday, April 26, 1-3 pm 

Entry fee $15.00 for up to 3 pieces. Same size restrictions as the February Show at the Jewish Community Center– see above.