ANAC Exhibit Rules

(Revised 2017)

Read rules carefully to insure your work will be seen by the judge.

ENTRIES: All work must not have been shown previously in an ANAC exhibit. Two-dimensional work shall not exceed 40 inches by 40 inches. measuring the outside of the frame. All work must be properly framed or have exposed perimeter edges finished consistent with the art piece. Work must be ready for hanging using screw eyes and wire, no sawtooths, and using Plexiglas, (except pastels). Gallery wrapped canvas is acceptable without a frame, but the canvas edges must be painted around the sides. Edges must be lapped and  all staples covered. If chosen for the travel show, ANAC will provide the carry case. Any two dimensional artwork where glass is the medium, must provide a travel container with the same requirements as three dimensional work.

Three-dimensional work (free standing or relief on the wall) shall not exceed 36 inches in any direction, not exceed 75 pounds in weight which includes the weight of the packing box. A traveling container, (even if it hangs on the wall) of quality construction in proportion to your artwork is required. If the Exhibit Board votes that the container is not of sufficient construction to withstand the rigors of travel, the piece will not be eligible for judging. All 3-D shipping containers must remain with the artwork until the judging is completed. The Exhibit Board will return the containers to the club packing storage area after judging. All 3-D artists must provide a pedestal (if needed) for the conference show only. If the piece is chosen to travel, each club that participates is responsible for a proper pedestal to safely display the artwork. 

  1. The number of entries for each club is determined as follows:
    1. Quota: New members may join your club up to March 1 to be counted towards your club’s quota of entries. The quota is based on the records of the Membership Chair and Treasurer (paid memberships).
    2. Number of entries: Each club will receive its quota according to ANAC membership records.
    3. ANAC members enter and exhibit through one club only.
    4. A maximum of two art pieces may be exhibited by an ANAC member.
    5. Work must have been completed in the last two years.
    6. Work must not have been previously shown at ANAC, including closely copied images from any of your previous ANAC submitted work.
  2. A $7.00 entry fee shall be paid for each art piece. Each club is requested to send one check to cover all their entries.
  3. The ANAC Art Exhibit will be confined to original works. No copies from other artists or published material are allowed. No supervised work will be allowed. Source material must be available on request. If your work was done using a computer, please attach a sheet explaining the program and or process used. Decision of the Exhibit Board as to eligibility will be final. The $7.00 entry fee will not be returned if your work is rejected. Questionable pieces will be removed from the show during judging and then re-hung for remainder of the show. Each entry must include the artist’s entry statement completely answered and signed by the artist. Each club chair should be responsible for proofreading these entry statements.
  4. All work must be properly identified on the artwork entry or work may be rejected.
  5. All work must be retained in the exhibit for the duration of the exhibit and/or travel show.
  6. The artwork in the Traveling Show cannot be sold by a commercial gallery or any other Travel Show site without first contacting the artist. The artist will deal directly with the buyer. ANAC will not be involved or responsible for any sales made.
  7. The Executive Board and Exhibit Board can make changes in the annual exhibit and travel show at any time.