Fun Shop: A Good Start with Linda Bernett

Fun Shop: A Good Start with Linda Bernett

From January 20, 2016 9:00 am until January 20, 2016 12:00 pm

At Lutheran Church of the Master

Categories: Fun Shops

A Good Start: Landscapes in a simplified impressionistic style

Where: Lutheran Church of the Masters, 2617 South 114 St., Omaha

Cost: $4.00 members/$5.00 non-members


  • Oils*

    • titanium white
    • 2 reds
    • 2 yellows
    • 2 blues
    • 2 wild colors of your choice, and
    • 1-2 grays (optional)
  • Weber brand: Res-N-gel 

  • A table top or portable easel 

  • Paper towels or wipes 

  • Multiple 1/4" chip brushes 

  • Jar of Turpenoid 

  • Canvas or canvas board- go as large as possible 

  • Palette (can be disposable). 
  • Reference picture/photo 

* NOTE:  If you wish to try acrylics with this technique you will need an acrylic extender and Grumbacher brand Gel 531 for texture, as we will be mixing our color on the canvas.