Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (ANAC)

The ANAC Committee collects ANAC dues and is in charge of organizing A.N.A.C. business, keeping an activity report and reporting such business to the Board. They are responsible for the transport/and return of selected showpieces for ANAC Art Shows.

Art Shows

Art Show Committee members help on the day of registration and again at the art show reception. Not everyone can make each event, so having a larger committee allows for this to work out.

Art Show Registration Duties:

  1. One or two people take each artist's registration money, and write down the information from each artist's registration form into a notebook.
  2. Other committee workers then take each piece of art, tape the registration tag to each art piece, and carry the pieces to secure areas around the art venue for later hanging.
  3. Once all the art pieces have been received, several committee members hang the show, taking care to place pieces in a visually pleasing manner around the art venue. Hanging usually takes from one to two hours.

Art Show Reception Duties:

  1. Committee members each bring an assigned type of food for the reception, arriving about one half hour prior to the start so the tables can be set up.
  2. The food, napkins, plates, cups, decorations, and beverages are set up and added to as needed during the reception.
  3. After the end of the reception, the food, etc. is cleared from the tables.

Community Art Reach

Volunteers are organized to provide art related services to the community as needed. The main committee function is to gather art supplies and donations at the November Holiday Fun Shop. Supplies are sorted into art packets that are boxed and distributed to child-related centers (i.e. Child Life Services, and women’s and children’s shelters). Plans include art lessons that are given by club volunteers with donated supplies as opportunities arise.

Art Bridge

An extension of Community Art Reach, the committee coordinates volunteer members to give basic art lessons to English as a Second Language students. The OAI members donate all art supplies. Classes are held on the second Wednesday of each month, September through May.


The Courtesy committee sends cards handmade by members for appropriate occasions.

Fun Shops

An artist's gathering of all levels of experience to participate in a fun art project with a different art instructor each month.  Great exposure to new ideas, techniques, media and fellow artists.  FUN for everyone.

Volunteers can be very helpful for setting up of the "treat" counter and the money collection book and container as well as the tables the artists use. Help prepare the coffee and hot water for tea, get the ice from the upstairs level.  And then we always need help to clean up the area and store the supplies we've used.  Many of the tasks are small and easy, but so much easier if there are helping hands. Members can even volunteer for just one session.


Committee members are responsible for making luncheon and dinner arrangements, taking members' reservations, collecting payment. The Host will work with the Treasurer for the payment of the event bill and collecting unpaid reservations. The Host will work in conjunction with the Program Chairperson to see that the speaker has a meal and what is needed for their presentation.


The Membership Chairperson handles applications for prospective members and assists the Vice President in compiling and distributing the Roster. 


Working with the President, the Newsletter committee collects articles from the committee chairs and prepares the monthly newsletter. Once compiled, the newsletter is sent via postal or electronic mail according to member preference. The information is to be presented accurately and factually without editorial comment.

OAI After Hours

'OAI After Hours' meets monthly with a variety of purposes: evening Fun Shops, critiques for those wanting input on artwork, presentations, field trips to Joslyn or gallery openings, pot luck social dinners, etc. This group broadens the offerings to those who cannot attend daytime activities. The committee helps the chair coordinate schedules for meetings, report the news from events to post in the newsletter and on the OAI website.


The Program committee is responsible for finding and procuring program speakers for the General Meetings.


The Publicity Committee's primary purpose is to inform and attract the public to the seasonal member art shows. The primary means is through contact with the various media sources and distribution of flyers and postcards to key locations throughout the metro area prior to shows. The Committee also urges word of mouth advertising and postcard dissemination by the members to reach our audience and advertising targets.

The over-arching goal of the Committee is to educate fellow artists and the general public on the mission and broad outreach of Omaha Artists Inc. and their service to the community in the promotion of the arts. The ultimate goal is to continue to grow OAI that it may a strong and vibrant voice for the promotion of the Arts in the metro area.


The website committee keeps the site up to date with newsletters, information on art shows, opportunities and other art related items. In addition, they are responsible for taking photos of art show winning entries, maintaining the email list for mailing PDF files of the newsletter and to inform members of upcoming events.